M81’s partners survival kit

Local drives:

  1. Link to Specific “survival Kit” informations for FRENCH language [Here]
  2. Link to Specific “survival Kit” informations for GERMAN language [Here]
  3. Link to Specific “survival Kit” informations for ITALIAN language [Here]
  4. Link to Specific “survival Kit” informations for SPANISH language [Here]

Still under construction

A/ Documentation (you will need to type your email)

  • A1) Summary of our offer, partners, customers and company [here]
  • A2) Download all our documentation [hereonly PDF
  • A3) Download the source documentation [here] Word, Powerpoint, Pictures, …

B/ 3 products Prices (you will need a ‘3products’ password & to type your email)

  • B1) Download the last pdf price list €-£-$ [here] You will find in addition Standard discounts and Partner conditions
  • B2) Download the last Excel configurator [here] You can generate your own price lists and quotations with your logo
  • B3) Get examples of proposals [here] (Word docs)

C/ Videos

  • C1) M81 presentation (30 seconds) [here]
  • C2) M81 presentation (3 minutes) [here]
  • C3) All our live videos (English) [here] and [here]


  • C4) Last webinar with COMMON [here] “Will you recover your latest data [1] in case of crash? [2] ] in case of data corruption?” 
  • C5) …

D/ Next 2021 Webinars (in English)

  • D1) Participate to a ‘Control for i’ webinar – Tuesday 28 Sept – 14:30 CET [Register]
  • D2) Participate to a ‘Flash for i’ webinar – Wednesday 29 Sept – 14:30 CET [Register]  
  • D3) Participate to a ‘Recover for i’ webinar – Thursday 30 Sept – 14:30 CET [Register]

E/ Coming 2021 events

  • E1) Visit in 3D the virtual “ICT Village” (Italy) | until end of 202 [hereM81 Ticket N° : 175fc8ba8a50cb493ae0d21b
  • E2) Register to the IBM TechU 2021 virtual edition | 25-28 October [here
  • E3) Register to the Common Europe Conference | 1 to 3 November in Copenhagen [here
  • E4) Register to the POW3R Midrange event | 10 & 11  November in Dortmund [here

F/ Previous events

  • F1) “i-UG” International i-POWER | 6 & 7 July 2021 [here]
  • F2) Power Summer Camp – Common Europe vEvent | 14-17 June 2021 [here
  • F3) POW3R digital event |27 & 28 April 2021 [here]
  • F4) Previous events : See our NEWS [here

G/ Success Stories / References [here]

  • G1) La Redoute [here] 15 countries and partitions, based in Portugal 
  • G2) Zirkle Fruit company [here] first customer in USA
  • G3) GEODIS Logistic : PPT [here] and video [here]
  • G4) … many to come …
  • G5) Partner Success Stories [here]
  • Your future success story : [here]

H/ Marketing material

  • H1) Product tech informations [here]  
  • H2) eMails examples and sales/pre-sales synthesis [here]
  • H3) Advertising, booths, boards examples [here]
  • H4) Electronic press articles [here], [here] and [here]
  • H5) Competition comparison and Qualification questionnary [here]
  • H6) Webinar announcements and presentations [here] (Common, Tech-U, i-UG, M81, GID, iBelieve)
  • H7) ‘Flash for i’ V4 product announcement [here]
  • H8) ‘Recover for i’ product announcement [here]
  • H9) One ‘Flash for i’ Post on Linkedin [here] 4570 views & 56 likes

I/ Contacts

  • I1) eMails : support@m81.eu  &  contact@m81.eu
  • I2) Hot Line Phone number : +33 963 288 902  
  • I3) Contact formulary [hereYou can ask questions, ask for temporary licence key, request a profile to log on our web page
  • I4) Start a chat with us [here] Normally always somebody behind it …
  • I5) Let’s have a web meeting [here] Let’s start GoToMeeting
  • I6) Take an appointment with us [here] Web-calendar

J/ M81 Web site (www.m81.eu)

  • J1) Main page [here] and M81 Informations [here] and “Quick Zoom on our 3 products” [here]
  • J2) Flash for i pages [here] and [here]
  • J3) Control for i pages [here] and [here]
  • J4) Recover for i pages [here] and [here]
  • J6) Partners [here] Resellers, Integrators, MSP
  • J5) M81 News [here

INTRANET (inside M81 web site)

  • J6) Temporary License Key generator [here] to get immediately a licence key with 4 days validity
  • J7) Download center [here] You can download ‘Tech docs‘ and download the products

K/ Social networks  

  • K1) Linkedin Main page [here] (https://www.linkedin.com/company/m81-ibmi-editor/)
  • K2) Tweeter [here] (https://twitter.com/M81_IBMi)

Discover M81 in different expo/events :

M81 booth at the

coming “i-UG” 

International i-POWER 2021

Tue 6th & Wed 7th July

iUG M81 Booth

M81 booth at the

3D International Virtual EXPO

“ICT Village”

(6 months)

dedicated to the IBM i

M81 booth at the

passed “POW3R Digital” event

April 2021
ITP Verlag – Midrange magazine

Common Europe PSC

M81 at the “Power Summer Camp”  !

M81 im “Power Summer Camp” !

M81 au “Power Summer Camp” !

M81 en el “Power Summer Camp” !

M81 på “Power Summer Camp” !

M81 na “Power Summer Camp” !

M81 op het “Power Summer Camp” !