CONTROL for i = More than 130 IBM i checks to BOOST your enterprise MONITORING solution !

Two reasons to adopt Control for i :

You want to use or are already using an enterprise monitoring solution
. (Nagios compatible, PRTG, SaaS or hundreds of others…).

You are not completely satisfied with existing IBM i controls ?

Contact us and Register to one of our webinar organised regularly.

In such a webinar you will see how it’s possible to easily improve your existing enterprise monitoring solution with the “Plugin of Control for i product…

Control for i is a product developed by IBM i people for IBM i people… but it also helps to reconcile with the team managing the company’s monitoring solution !!!

How ?

  • Based on IBM i commands (with many parameters) it is particularly easy for IBM i people to setup the checks*: no development required !
  • Once the controls validated on the IBM i, simply copy and paste the commands and its parameters into your favourite monitoring tool … and it works… Thanks to the Control for i plugin !
  • Now you just have to organise the checks in your monitoring tool with the monitoring team : schedule them, define the frequency and the service time range, decide on the severity level, specify the reaction to issues (email, SMS, alert), consider escalation actions, …

You will discover, how with Control for i you can

  1. implement 130+ probes/checks to control EVERYTHING running on IBM i: Applications, System, Messages, HA, EDI, Backups, Batches, ERP, Transfers, Database, Logs, …
  2. automate the reply to messages in MSGQ
  3. integrate existing self-developed controls in Control for i
  4. develop you new probes using the models provided (IBM i commands).

Hundreds of partitions are monitored with the help of Control for i’.

Existing customers appreciate:

– accuracy of alert messages allowing fast and relevant reactions from helpdesk,

– very low resource consumption on the IBM i avoiding false alerts,

– ease of installation and use with minimizing time consumption,

– price (licence + maintenance or monthly subscription) remaining cheap.

At the end, they are happy that IBM i is better monitored than other OS !