Technical newsletter n°3

New Releases for Flash for i and Control for i

Edito by Pascal Ruckebusch


The purpose of this M81 technical newsletter is to provide you with important information about our products updates.

Below, in the ‘Flash for i’ and in the ‘Control for i’ sections, you will find the summary list of changes in the latest versions and a link to download the full document.(1).

You will also find this document on our M81 Downloads Webpage(2), with all the features included in each release since 2019 and there you can of course download the latest versions of the products.

It is not necessary to update your version(3) to the latest release, but we have introduced some great new features that you might find useful. And upgrading to the latest release usually takes only about 10 to 15 minutes.

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(1)We typically release updates 3 to 4 times a year. Our objectives are to include customer feedback, to address major technical advancements in the market, and to continually enhance the usability and stability of our products.

(2)To access files in this webpage, please provide your email and password. If needed, you can automatically regenerate your password. If you do not have any password, please fill the contact form with ” Profile request for download” checked.

(3)To determine the current version and release of the product you are using, use the command FLDSPINF for Flash for i and CTDSPINF for Control for i.

Flash for i – New releases March and May 2023 (Documentation= V4.13)

A new release of Flash for i is available at

The new features since the previous release ( January 2023) are the following:

  • Support for 30 iASPs instead of 18
  • Improved parallel BRMS backups
  • New operating document
  • New FLMAPHOST command, automatic disk mapping
  • Possibility to stop sending messages to the prod after the backup
  • FLENDFC, possible to unlock remote disks if Metro/Global Mirror
  • Starting and stopping FlashCopy or clone partition without environment
  • The joblog from the clone partition can be RDY or HLD
  • Various corrections or improvements

Control for i – new release – 13/07/2023 (Documentation= V3.21)

A new release of Control for i is available at
The new features since the previous release ( December 2022) are the following:

  • Adding extended data to several commands
  • New CTCHKJOBS command, monitor jobs in a particular state.
  • CTWRKMSG, Additional controls when copying a scenario
  • CTWRKMSG, F11 key to view message details
  • Optimised message analysis
  • CTCHKOBJ, ASPDEV parameter for iASP objects
  • CTCHKPING, New parameter for packet size
  • Changes to the CTRMTUPD command
  • Various fixes and improvements

For details of these features and all the ones added in previous releases :

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