M81 Presentation

M81 is a company specialized in system software running on IBM i system (also known as OS/400 or i5/OS), to help IT teams to better manage their systems.

The products made by M81 address complex areas, but are very simple to implement and IT teams can work with them very quickly.

The areas covered are, for example:

  • Hot backups
  • Create tests or query environments
  • Advanced monitoring of anything running on IBM i, integrated with well-known products like Nagios (or any compatible product like centreon, Icinga or other)

There are currently 2 software available: FLASH for i and CONTROL for i.

We are working on other software that will be available in the next few months.M81 - AS/400 - IOS 5

IBM AS/400

Our team

The team is composed of developers and consultants having a very good experience of IBM i, for many years, with well-known expertise in areas as diverse as the IBM i operating system, performance and security, Storwizes and SVC, high availability software, ….

Pascal Ruckebusch, director of M81, started his carrier at Info3D (a company in the North of France), then he was the technical director of Diane Informatique Solution and ACT400.  All these companies were recognized for their high technicality in the world of AS/400, iSeries, i5/OS and finally IBM i.

Pascal has, among other jobs, been a trainer for pre-certification training for IBM Business Partners. He has also been a product manager for the product ADRES (software for managing OS/400 distributed on multiple locations in APPC) that was in the IBM catalog in the 90’s under the name SAT (System Administration Tool).

Therefore, more than one hundred customers have already trusted M81 and the products designed by Pascal are active on close to 1000 IBM i/OS400 partitions.

Our office is in Lyon (France), and we operate throughout France, in Europe, and around the World.


The delivery made by M81 are those related to the implementation of our products FLASH for i and CONTROL for i on IBM i operating system and Power servers (as well as the various hardware and systems that are now linked to IBM i, such as Storwize, SAN switches, VIOS, HMC, …), and training of our partners.

  • Installation, test, validation of our products
  • Training
  • Implementation of the functions desired by the customer
  • Analysis of new needs
  • Remote support and incident resolution
  • Assistance and advice
  • Delivery of fixes and new versions