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‘Control for i’

– You want to use or are already using an enterprise monitoring solution

– You are not satisfied with existing IBM i controls

– Learn how to boost easily your monitoring solution with 150 IBM i checks

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> Note: the Control for i “PLUGIN” supports dozen of solutions !

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Flash for i

‘Flash for i’

– Daily Save21 in less than 2 minutes.

– Instant-Copy to refresh Test or Anonymisation environments.

– Many daily SnapShots to get Recovery copies . . .

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> Note: the new V4 has been announced in beginning 2021!

‘Recover for i’

– avoid losing more than 5 minutes of data

– in case of disaster or disk crash WITHOUT any HA solution !

– in case of data corruption (e.g. bugs, errors, malevolence, malware,…)
which immediately replicates the corruption to the remote site !
even WITH an HA solution in place

perform hot incremental backups of your Database every 5 min !

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> Note: can be combined with ‘Flash for i’ !

Recover for i
Pascal Ruckebusch

Pascal Ruckebusch

M81 Founder & CTO

29 years of experience on IBM i and in the development of system products:
1000+ IBM i active partitions are equipped with products designed and/or maintained by Pascal before creating M81 ! There are now ~800 more with M81 products …

M81 is an ISV based in France with resellers/ integrators / MSP in 22 countries in EMEA and the Americas