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Summary :

In case of disaster, disk crash or “data incident*”… rather than to restart with the data from your last daily backup tape => start with nearly 100% of your Database !

‘Recover for i’ allows you to make what we call “hot incremental backups” of your DB2 data every 5 minutes, and then to export them on a file server (on-site or off-site)…

After the crash, once the daily backup is restored, ‘Recover for i’ automatically brings back and applies the data changes on the Database => only 5 minutes loss !

* “Data incident” = table deletion (accidental or malicious), loss of integrity, data corruption, damaged files, cryptovirus, …

Recover for i

Operations mode :

Every N minutes :

  • Recover for i’ automatically detaches the database Journals.
  • Recover for i’ sends and stores them securely on a local or remote FTP server (or in the Cloud).

At this stage all the modifications made on the database are externalized from the ‘Prod’ server and reusable.

Use case :

In case of an “incident” (crash, disaster, database corruption, deletion of tables, loss of integrity, …) :

  • You restore the database from the last backup (LTO tape or VTL or CLONE generated by a SnapShot/FlashCopy)
  • Recover for i’ automatically imports the Journals (from the FTP server where they are stored)
  • Recover for i’ reapplies the changes made to the database after the last backup (up to a few minutes before the crash or the accident that corrupted the database).

‘RECOVER FOR i’ reduces your data losses to only 5 minutes
after a Crash (without any HA solution)
or after a “Data incident* (even with HA solution)

  • ‘RECOVER for i‘ is based on ‘native’ DB2 Journaling.
    It manages Journals : creation and life-cycle, compression and export, import in case of disaster and applying up to hh:mm
  • all processes are automated, controlled, dispatched and reported

  • adapted to internal & external storage configurations

  • ‘Recover for i’ is an excellent supplement :
    – to a Cold Backup (based only on tapes and a “conventional“ Save/Restore solution
    – to an HA solution – software or hardware – which replicates instantly any data corruption 🙁
    – to our ‘FLASH for i’ product (using “instant copy” function of your external storage to clone the disks of your partition).


* “Data incident” = table deletion (accidental or malicious), loss of integrity, data corruption, damaged files, cryptovirus, …