M81 participates for the 3rd year to the CEC !

but unfortunately not in Montpellier 🙁 … just virtually.

> M81 conferences:
– Wednesday 18 Nov – 10h30 : Almost no data loss after a crash even without HA solution ? Yes it is possible with ‘Recover for i’ !!!

Detail : no HA solution in place ? (or only a cold backup solution …) ‘Recover for i’ product automates the incremental backups of your data (for example every 10 minutes) and externalises them on site or off site on a simple file server. After an accident (disaster, crash or data corruption*) ‘Recover for i’ reapplies automatically those incremental backups (after you had restored your previous daily tape). It drastically reduces data loss (10 minutes in this example) instead of losing many hours of data . ‘Recover for i’ provides simple and economical protection in the event of an accident !
[* data corruption = loss of data integrity caused by a program bug, deletion of tables (accidental or malicious intent), damaged files, software bomb, IFS virus, etc, …]

Register to this conference [here] https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/8503389144084594957

– Wednesday 18 Nov – 15h00 : Testimony : How GEODIS reach a 24×7 activity
Detail: Geodis logistics worldwide activities requires more and more processing time during the night. Consequence: no more backup window nor, of course, any Save21 window … Rolland, will explain us how his team manages this situation and finally chooses the M81 ‘Flash for i’ solution (which completely manages/automates/reports the usage of the fabulous SnapShot/FlashCopy function of the external storage ) !

Link to the vCEC agenda to add it to your schedule: [here] https://commoneuropecongress2020.sched.com/event/fK9I/how-geodis-reach-a-24×7-activity

Register to the vCEC : http://comeur.org/common/vcec2020/registration/