M81 announces a new product: ‘RECOVER for i’

Your potential DATA LOSS drastically reduced in many cases !
(immediate availability).

The purpose of the ‘RECOVER for i’ product is to reduce your data loss to 5 minutes, in case of a “ data accident* ” on your Database.

‘RECOVER for i’ product will manage and automate every operation:

  • Detach Database Journals (Receivers) every N minutes
  • Send them to an external FTP or NFS server (on-site or off-site or in the Cloud)

And in case of a “ data accident * ” ‘RECOVER for i’ will:

  • Import the Journals on the Recovery IBM i partition where a copy of your Database has been restored (or on a Clone partition where the DB is cloned)
  • Ask you the hour/minute/second where you want to recover your data (a few minutes before the accident)
  • Apply the data changes on the restored Database
  • Allow you to control and monitor all steps (dashboards, probes, …)

* Data accident = corruption or loss of integrity of your DB, damaged files or deletion of tables (accidental or malicious), …

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